All You Need To Know About Recycled Stainless Steel

//All You Need To Know About Recycled Stainless Steel

Not many people are aware that stainless steel is the most recycled material in the world. The USA alone recycles around 80 million tonnes of steel every year. This figure is significantly more than the combination of plastic, paper, glass and aluminium recycled every year.

Why is stainless steel considered recyclable and environment-friendly?

A product built from stainless steel such as a steel tube or pipe can never become redundant at the end of its lifecycle. This is attributed to the fact that stainless steel can be systematically separated, thus allowing it to enter the recycling system.

Recycling is considered the right way forward globally because of the raw materials present in the stainless steel ecosystem – chromium, nickel and iron. Steel is highly magnetic, making it easy to separate and organize from other metals. Generally, any steel product has a presence of 60% recycled material. It’s safe to say that as a product stainless steel is not consumed but sustained.

It’s also important to highlight here that stainless steel does not degrade once recycled. This means that steel doesn’t lose strength when it undergoes re-melting to create new steel. Eventually, it does not lose any of its value.

By recycling steel, we are helping the environment and reducing the need for mining new metals. Every tonne of steel recycled by us can save 650 kg of coal, 1,200 kg of iron ore and 55 kg of limestone. We also save energy because recycling uses significantly lesser energy than manufacturing steel from raw materials.

Where is recycled stainless steel used?

Most new stainless steel products are built of recycled material. Look around and everything you see, from steel pipes and tubes to cutlery, watches, cutlery, and refrigerators, have recycled stainless steel in them. Today, most people discard consumer products made of stainless steel or just consign them to cold storage. It’s important to be environment-conscious and do our bit to prevent over-exploitation of iron ores and to maintain sustainability for future generations.

At Shubhlaxmi Metals and Tubes Pvt. Ltd., we ensure that our operations are sustainable through ethical and transparent sourcing of steel materials. As a reputed stainless steel pipes manufacturer, we have implemented environment-friendly manufacturing practices and recycled packaging to negate our carbon footprint.

We are the preferred choice for stainless steel seamless pipes & tubes in India. Ranked among the leading stainless steel pipes manufacturers, we have a pulse on the requirement of Indian consumers. We recommend that you choose us for a range of welded pipes & tubes, seamless pipes & tubes, U tubes, corrugated tubes and section tubes. We assure you that all our products are of the highest quality and built to the highest standards. They can serve your requirements well, whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes.

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