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Shubhlaxmi is regularly certified by TUV in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard on the overall management of the working process.

We have various product certificates that allow us to meet high quality requirements for the most specific needs, such as being qualified suppliers of PED 97/23/EC and AD 2000 MERKBLATT W0 by “TUV Nord”

Our real strength lies in quality control. We have an exhaustive quality assurance facility to test each and every product that leaves the factory. We also have the latest world-class manufacturing & testing equipment equally qualified and experienced personnel to manage the inspection at various levels.

Chemical Testing:
As per the code/standard requirement, chemical analysis is carried out on Spectro Max [Germany] spectrometer in our own laboratory.


Mechanical Testing:
According to the code/standard, tensile testing, hardness, flaring, flanging, flattening, reverse bend, and reverse flattening test are carried out in-house.


Hydro Test:
100% hydro testing on a hydraulic test bench is carried out using a high-pressure pump on all pipes and tubes, as per the code/standard.


Air Under Water Test/Pneumatic Test:
Even though this is a supplementary requirement, we have made a point to test all the tubes coming out of our factory to be tested under compressed air to determine any leakage to ensure that there are no incomplete weld penetrations.


Eddy-Current Testing:
This test is conducted to detect any subsurface or other defects. This test is carried out by using Techno Four Flaw Marking Detective System on the entire length of the tubes as per the code/standard with the hole or notch standard and automatic segregation system.


Microstructure Examination/Analyser Software:
Shubhlaxmi has the facility to measure ferrite content. With the help of a microscope, we check the grain structure of pipes and tubes after the annealing process. The microscope is attached with analyzer software, which automatically indicates grain structure without manual intervention. Microstructure examination is carried out as per the code/standard.


Hardness Tester:
Hardness tester is used to check the surface hardness of the material with the help of Rockwell Brinell scale on 30T scale. Above test is carried out as per the code/standard.


Corrosion Testing:
To find out the susceptibility of the material to intergranular corrosion attack or to measure rate of corrosion, IGC test is conducted as the code/standard practice A, B, C, or E in our fully-equipped in-house laboratory.


Chemical Laboratory:
Shubhlaxmi has a fully-equipped in-house laboratory to check chloride content in water, daily pickling, passivation, coating, and soaping bath analysis.


Radiography Testing:
Shubhlaxmican provide radiography testing facilities with an X- Ray unit.


Ultrasonic Testing:
Shubhlaxmi can arrange an off-line ultrasonic testing facility that has four-probe water emulsion system with a microprocessor unit to detect special process flow. In addition to above, the system can mark the defect by spraying.

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