Top 8 industries for the application of Shubhlaxmi Stainless Steel products

Shubhlaxmi stainless Steel pipes are commonly used in piping systems to connect water, waste, gas, or other fluids.

They are usually produced and manufactured in bulk due to being used across several industries like Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Railways, Food & Dairy etc.

Their continued bulk production is owing to the versatility of application spanning various sectors.

At Shubhlaxmi, we believe that the use of this reliable and durable product helps build a lasting foundation for your business.

Here are top eight industries with a common application of Stainless Steel Pipes:

1) Oil & Gas Industry

In the Oil & Gas industry, Stainless Steel continues to ensure optimum performance in order to meet modern-day requirements.

More importantly, it serves as an efficient tool for design and safe use of a lot of oil & gas processing systems.

It is commonly known that during these processes, many corrosive compounds are found. The sheer variety of steel Seamless pipes’ alloys ensures strong protection against these impurities that may harm the production process.

2) Power Plants Industry

In order to carry out effective operations, a standard nuclear power plant makes extensive use of Stainless steel.

For e.g., stainless steel Corrugated tubes in boilers are prominent across power generation industries as they can resist corrosion commonly caused by burning fuel or gas droplets.

Stainless steel pipes and Section tubes are used prominently for power plant needs to ensure best performance.

They become an indispensable part of heat exchangers due to being thin enough for heat transfer, resisting corrosion and providing longevity.

3) Food Processing Industry

For the operation of the food & beverage industry, it is vital to ensure products are safe for consumption and last as long as possible.

As equipment like stainless steel Welded pipes and tubes is resistant to varying temperatures, they can survive during the cold storage process and also withstand hot temperatures.

When manufacturers use a clean material like stainless steel, the food is least likely to get contaminated and remain fresh for safe consumption.

4) Railways

The Railways use stainless steel equipment for their most vital components. They are used extensively for various railway applications because of their sturdy mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Until recently, the railways would rely on corten or carbon steel equipment for fabrication purposes. No material possesses the ductility and anti-rust properties like Stainless steel. As it is also the easiest to clean, it is convenient and sanitized enough for the whole coach.

The stainless steel equipment is used across wagons, toilets, bridges, lines etc as it has contributed to the overall infrastructure of our country.

5) Ship Building

Shipbuilding industry relies on high-strength and anti-rust stainless steel for their bearings and liners.

Due to its durability, non-corrosive and higher tensile strength properties, it has become a prominent factor in the shipbuilding process.

Shipbuilding stainless steel also provides high-quality steel plates with the ability to withstand rough sea waters.

6) Fertilizer

The application of stainless steel pipes and tubing is prevalent throughout the modern day chemical fertilizer industry.

In fact, the agriculture sector uses chemical tanks made of stainless steel 304 or 316 to safely store liquid/chemical fertilizer. It works as a reliable solution to highly corrosive elements found present in fertilizers.

Stainless steel has a wide-ranging set of corrosion-free and high-temperature applications in Petrochemical & chemical industries.

7) Furniture

Because of its reliable tensile strength and stain-resistant properties, stainless steel has a wide variety of applications in furniture making too.

Stainless steel component used in modern home furniture also gives a high finish due to its high lustre sheen.

This also makes it ideal for contemporary furniture in industrial spaces.

Its anti-rust and fade-resistant quality makes it versatile and long enough to last.

8) Textile Industry

Depending upon the use of textile machinery, stainless steel tubes are essential and necessary in the development of textile industries.

Precision tubes made of stainless steel are fundamental to textile industry machinery. Used for its strength and high-resistance quality to corrosion and erosion, it is used in dry machinery to manipulate yarn and fabric.

Hence, Stainless Steel has proven to be quite popular and instrumental in manufacturing applications.

Given its perennial use across wide-ranging sectors and industries, Shubhlaxmi Group believes in the use of premium quality Stainless steel supplies for maximum customer satisfaction.

Our products are made keeping industry standards and current business trends in mind for best performance.










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