The 7 Key Differences Between Seamless and Welded Pipes

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At Shubhlaxmi, we aim to offer knowledge on the various applications, uses or benefits of stainless steel pipes for growing businesses.

As a stainless steel pipes manufacturer, our business believes that industries should have thorough information on the key differences and uses of various equipment pipes.

Similarly, here are 7 major differences between Seamless and Welded Pipes:


Due to a few obstacles in the manufacturing process, Seamless stainless pipes are relatively shorter compared to Welded Pipes. The latter can be produced in long continuous lengths.

2. Strength:

Stainless steel Seamless pipes are usually able to withstand pressure and load due to the absence of a weak seam. Meanwhile, Welded pipes fall 20% short in withstanding load or pressure due to the welding process of these tubes.

3. Corrosion Resistance:

The welded areas in Welded stainless tubes are more prone to corrosion attacks and thereby, more corrosion resistant compared to the structure of Seamless pipes.

4. Production Process:

Welded and Seamless stainless steel pipes also differ in their manufacturing processes or time. 

Seamless pipes have a complex and long procurement lead time compared to the shorter, simpler and less complex one it takes to create/produce Welded tubes.

5. Application: 

Seamless pipes are suited to high pressure environments and corrosive resistant sectors like construction or shipbuilding industries. Whereas stainless steel welded pipes are normally used for less corrosive environments involving transporting water, oil or gas.

6. Availability

Due to limited material variations and types, Seamless pipes and tubes take a longer delivery time and aren’t as widely available. 

On the other hand, Welded pipes have a shorter delivery time due to being readily available for various material types.

7. Economy

Due to limited raw material availability and manufacturing difficulties, Stainless steel seamless pipes are costlier. 

With a shorter manufacturing process and lower budgets, stainless steel welded pipes are more economical. 

The above mentioned information is for knowledge purposes only, we strongly recommend you choose the pipes and tubes as per your industry/business needs. At Shubhlaxmi, we believe that all businesses deserve the right equipment in order to grow and serve their customers.

The right knowledge on uses of stainless steel pipes can greatly benefit businesses and business owners. You can write to us at or contact us at +91-22-49710050 for any further queries. 


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